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Here's the story: Back in March of 2010 a few individuals with a rooted commitment to providing affordable space for artists secured a 6,000 square foot industrial loft in the Newmarket Square Industrial Area on the Roxbury/Dorchester border to serve as the canvas for creating our dream artist space.

The space is a towering relic of a forgotten industrial era with 17 foot arched ceilings and massive 7 foot tall windows. It is conveniently located steps away from the South Bay shopping center, two blocks away from the #8 and #10 buses and a 15 minute walk to the Andrew stop on the red line.

The location was carefully selected to allow for unrestricted artistic activity. With 3 foot thick brick walls and no immediate residential neighbors, restrictions that are typically associated with art spaces do not apply at Section 17. Cavernous 17 foot ceilings and amazing natural light make the over 2,000 square feet of communal space and lofted private studio's an inviting place for any type of artistic activity.

Section 17 is a non-profit organization consisting of artists and creatives who believe that in an increasingly corporate and profit driven world, art can and should still be uncompromising. 
We believe that the only thing traditional about art is the tradition of creating it in as many forms as possible, and the only mold it should fit into is one of unbridled inspiration and revelry.

Section 17 Project for the Arts is essentially a cooperative of artists and performers.  Often times it feels as though the art community has been held hostage by a corporate oligopoly that believes it has the power to decide what is worth experiencing. We believe that quality art and music speaks for itself, but more often than not it is forced into the shadows for being uncompromising.  Section 17 may not bring all this talent into the light, but it will certainly make the shadows a much more appealing place to be.

If you would like more information on the Section 17 art collective or are interested in being involved please contact us.